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Tyvek Utility Bag

Tyvek Utility Bag

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Tyvek is a popular material from commerical industry to household use. The paper appearance is earthy and versatile to use, some brands even consider this material as vegan leather. Tyvek is lightweight, durable and water resistance which make this bag pleasant to use as a lunch bag or a easy grab-and-go multi-purpose bag. The gender neutral nature of this tyvek is a fashionable way to stay busy.

For the sake of nature, let's stop using paper and plastic bags until we have to. With this tyvek bag, the "have-to" hopefully will come less and less.


-15"(W) x 13 1/2"(H) x 3"(D)
-Snap button closure
-Tote bag handle
-Eyelet water escape hole at the bottom
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