Wooden Tea Cup - Lucid and Real
Wooden Tea Cup
Wood Tea Cup - Lucid and Real
Wood Tea Cup
Wood Cup - Lucid and Real
Wooden Tea Cup

Wooden Tea Cup

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-3 1/2"(H) x 3. 1/2"(W)
-8.8 fl oz
-Rubber wood

Why this?
Burnout is real and it's happening anytime any day unexpectedly.  Incorporating a Japanese wooden teacup into your busy life can support your conscientious performance goals by promoting relaxation and mindfulness. The crackling sound created by the natural expansion of the wooden fibres when hot water is poured into the cup adds a unique and authentic feature, instantly helping you take your mind off any stress. By enjoying tea in this unique cup, you can cultivate greater conscientiousness in your daily routine, leading to improved performance and overall well-being. So, add a touch of nature to your conscientious lifestyle with a Japanese wooden teacup.