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Neutral Tone Moka Pot

Neutral Tone Moka Pot

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A very simple and authentic way of making espresso, the Mocha Pot is a traditional espresso maker than can be used directly on a stovetop (Gas or electric is fine!)

This cute little coffee maker is a traditional way of espresso making. No timers or skill is needed to use them, the pressure simply builds in the bottom section. Once it gets high enough, it flows up to the top section, hot and ready to pour!

Featuring a classy timeless design spruced up with a neutural color body and plastic handle, this aluminum Moka Pot is such a fun way to make your favorite espressos, Americanas, or any other classic coffee you desire.


- 300mL
- 8"(H) x 4"(W) x 6"(L)
- Aluminum body, plastic handle
- Gas and Electric stovetop safe
- Pressure release valve for safe operation

Below video is from the coffee brand Illy demonstrating how to make a nice cup of espresso using Moka pot:

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