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Linen Mask

Linen Mask

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About this mask

Made from Japan, from material to craftmanship, this mask is just simply well-made.  Highly absorbent linen allow this mask to work efficiently yet stay light-weight for comfort.  Delicate origami-style make this mask fit comfortably and stay in-put.


  • Outer layer: 75% linen and 25% cotton
  • Inner layer: 100% cotton
  • origami design and seams for ideal fitting (no wire needed)
  • Coldwater hand wash with soap only, no heat dry
  • Made in Japan


Let's put on a mask for each other!

Unfortunately, wearing a facial mask is no longer a temporary measure but an indefinite solution.  That in mind, let's do it right for ourselves, and the earth.

Ever since the pandemic, facial mask pollution is the new solution, also problem.  This is the reason why we chose to include facial masks as part of our collection.  Breathable, absorbent and ECO friendly are the three components we're looking for.

Keep in mind, wearing a mask is not to protect yourself, but to prevent potential spreading.  The best way to prevent the spread is to associate with those who also respect the practice of wearing a mask and keep an appropriate social distance at all times!  We recommend that you spray the mask with sanitizer several times a day to ensure the mask is virus-free.

Why breathable and absorbent material?

A mask that lacks breathability and absorbency usually means it prevents the release of heat.  Meaning?  You will be hot and sweaty inside the mask and encouraging unnecessary airborne transmission.

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