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Elevated Ambition Figure 8 Bracelet

Elevated Ambition Figure 8 Bracelet

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Leaher Color


  • gemstone: amethyst  
  • symbolic meaning: wisdom and intelligence
  • genuine leather cord
  • adjustable length
  • T-bar toggle clasp
  • style #: EA-V4


Experience the beauty and adventure of climbing with our gemstone bracelets from tofu jewellery. We, as small business owners and climbers, are dedicated to capturing the essence of the sport and preserving the natural world through our commitment to sustainability. The perfect combination of style and function, these bracelets are designed for the rugged outdoors and the refined urbanite. Each piece from this climbing series is a celebration of the spirit of climbing, crafted with eco-friendly materials and uncompromising attention to detail.

Each gemstone is meticulously chosen to represent a unique aspect of the climbing spirit, adorned with a classic figure 8 knot, a modern and wearable symbol of your passion for climbing. Each piece of Tofu jewellery, including this Elevated Ambition series, is made with genuine materials, plastic-free, and designed to create the least harm to the environment. A reflection of your personal style and your commitment to preserving the natural world.

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