Gourmet Sea Salt Pairing: 2-Ingredients Open-Face Sandwich

Gourmet Sea Salt Pairing: 2-Ingredients Open-Face Sandwich

Lately, I had a mind-blowing hotpot night that changed everything for me. You know, the traditional dipping sauce with soy sauce and herbs? Well, this time I have made some fresh mix green herbs and mixed in some gourmet salts that my friend gave me (still clueless about what they actually are...). And damn, it was a game-changer! The fresh green herbs combined with those mysterious salts created a dip that was unbelievably refreshing. It was like a flavor explosion that I never want to go back from!

So, here I am, excited to share with you the salts I ended up buying after that mind-blowing experience. I've been experimenting with them, pairing them with simple ingredients to get some ideas what each salt do. The results have been out of this world. The subtle differences between the salt does make some delicate different and it’s eye opening!

To truly taste the flavors of these gourmet salts from around the world, I've put together a open-face sandwiches featuring simple ingredients to pair with each salt. Try it out!

Fleur de Sel

+ avocado on baguette, drizzle extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice at the end

  • Origin: France
  • Flavor: Delicate and subtle with a hint of brininess. It enhances the natural flavors of food and adds a finishing touch.
  • General Pairing: Light and delicate flavors
  • Examples: Fresh seafood, simple salads, steamed vegetables, light desserts like fruit salads

Maldon Sea Salt

+ tomato and mozzarella on sourdough with a drizzle of balsamic glaze on top (optional: basil)

  • Origin: England
  • Flavor: Clean and pure with a mild saltiness. Its pyramid-shaped crystals provide a pleasant crunch and add a finishing touch to dishes.
  • General Pairing: Fresh and vibrant flavors
  • Examples: Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, summer salads, grilled vegetables, citrus-based desserts

Black Hawaiian Salt (Black Lava Salt)

+ grilled pineapple and ham on ciabatta

  • Origin: Hawaii, USA
  • Flavor: Slightly smoky and earthy. The addition of activated charcoal gives it a striking black color and a unique taste.
  • General Pairing: Earthy and smoky flavors
  • Examples: Grilled or seared seafood, tropical fruits, roasted root vegetables, dishes with smoky or charred elements
  • Tips: No grill alternative: bake (375°F, 15-20min), or air-fry (375°F, 8-10min) the pineapple, blow torch the surface for the chariness.

Smoked Salt

+ roast beef and caramelized onion

  • Origin: Varies (smoked using different wood varieties)
  • Flavor: Infused with smoky aromas and flavors, which vary based on the type of wood used. It adds a distinct smokiness to dishes.
  • General Pairing: Intense and smoky flavors
  • Examples: Grilled or smoked meats, roasted or grilled vegetables with a smoky profile, barbecue-inspired dishes, smoked or charred appetizers

Sel Gris

+ chicken, celery and onion salad on whole grain bread

  • Origin: France (coastal regions)
  • Flavor: Robust and mineral-rich. It has a slightly damp texture and a briny taste, often used in cooking to season meat and roasted vegetables.
  • General Pairing: Rich and savory flavors
  • Examples: Roasted or grilled meats, roasted root vegetables, stews, hearty soups, dark chocolate-based desserts
    • Tips: for mayonnaise, try to make it from scratch! Click here to see a quick video from Gordon Ramsey
    • Use handheld mixer if you don't have a food processor
    • Use oil that has neutral taste like canola or avocado oil

Red Hawaiian Salt (Alaea Salt) 

+ mango and greek yogurt on rye

  • Origin: Hawaii, USA
  • Flavor: Slightly earthy and mildly salty. The red color comes from volcanic clay (alaea), adding visual interest and a subtle touch of flavor.
  • General Pairing: Rustic and tropical flavors
  • Examples: Grilled or roasted meats, tropical fruits, Hawaiian or Polynesian-inspired dishes, seafood dishes with a hint of earthiness

Delicacy doesn't need to be complex or daunting; it can be discovered in the simplest of dishes when we embrace the essence of our ingredients. By prioritizing the quality and flavors of each component, we can craft extraordinary culinary experiences. Our goal is to show you that gourmet excitement doesn't always require expensive outings. It can be created at home using premium ingredients and treasured moments shared with loved ones or enjoyed in peaceful solitude. So let's celebrate the joy of staying home and creating delicious moments that are both memorable and satisfying.

Let's stay home!

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