2-mins Read: Beautiful Lies, Ugly Truth: Recycle Plastic Bottle Fashion

2-mins Read: Beautiful Lies, Ugly Truth: Recycle Plastic Bottle Fashion

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Recycled plastic bottle fashion is often marketed as a sustainable choice, but is it really?

The beautiful lie:

(image: BBC)

  • "Recycled plastic clothing is "soft, smooth, and luxurious."
  • "Our clothes are made from recycled plastic bottles, so you can feel good about your purchase"
  • "We are using recycled plastic bottles to help reduce plastic pollution."
  • "Our clothes are made from 100% recycled materials."

The ugly truth:

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Recycled plastic bottle fashion is not as comfortable or sustainable as they claim.

  • Non-breathable
    • Recycle plastic bottle fashion is much less breathable that you sweat more wearing the garments
  • Cling to Skin
    • The plastic fibers in garments can trap sweat, making them cling onto our skin, feel damp and uncomfortable.
  • Irritation 
    • Wearing plastic garments while sweating can lead to skin irritation and breakouts.
  • Trap Odor 
    • The quality of plastic can trap body odor and smell.( think about the smelly plastic Tupperware)

This is the End of plastic cycle.

    • Down-cycling
      • The process of recycling plastic bottles into fabric is a down-cycling process, which means that the resulting fabric is of lower quality than the original plastic bottles.
    • Fragile
      • This lower quality fabric is not as durable and cannot be recycled again, so it is more likely to end up in landfill.
    • Worst Way To Recycle
      • There are many other ways to reduce plastic pollution that are more sustainable than buying clothes made from recycled plastic bottles.

    My word?

    Warm the planet my ass🤨! Warm you...I am sure. I would be quite warm wearing shit loads of plastic bags on me too, and smell really bad😨. 

    As a climber myself, I can't escape plastic fashion in the outdoor industry. It's unfortunate that outdoor fashion often contains toxic elements. To compensate, I try my best to minimize waste and microplastic pollution as much as possible. I take good care of all my clothing, whether it's organic or made from plastic, to ensure they last longer. But I am not purchasing a piece of garment boldly declaring with pride that it's made from recycled plastic bottles.

    Just saying.

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