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Walnut Cube Diffuser

Walnut Cube Diffuser

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These raw wood finish wooden cube is easy to use, no energy wasted.  The raw wood surface fully absorb the fragrance oil, there are not waste at all.  Just a drop of fragrance oil, these cubes radiate your favorite scents for days.  The organic and simple design allow these cube to fit in anywhere you desire.

These wooden oil diffusers has a natural woody aroma that blend well with natural essential/fragrance oil.  However, if you prefer a blank canvas, check out our diatom collection oil diffusers.

Each oil diffuser comes with a sample bottle of fragrance oil.  Particles that you inhale in is intimate.  It's the most direct contact to the surrounding.  So choose carefully if aromatherapy is part of your daily routine.  Utilize what the nature offer us, not the lab.


  • 1 5/16"(W) x 1 5/16" x 1 1/2"(H)
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