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Mezcal Negra Perfume oil

Mezcal Negra Perfume oil

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A mesmerizing perfume oil that perfectly blends the alluring scents of Smoked Woods and Mystical Spice. The fragrance opens with the woody and resinous aroma of Sonoran Pine, which is complemented by the sharp and tangy notes of Black Lime. The heart of the scent is formed by the rich and smoky Guaiacwood, which is balanced by the sweet and caramel-like aroma of Cajeta. Finally, the fragrance is rounded off with a touch of Clary Sage, which adds an herbal and slightly spicy note. Mezcal Negra is perfect for those who love bold and unconventional fragrances that transport them to exotic and mysterious destinations. With its alluring combination of woodsmoke and spice, this perfume oil is sure to captivate and enchant all who wear it.


Mezcal Negra is a blend of Smoked Woods & Mystical Spice.
Smelling Notes: Sonoran Pine | Black Lime | Guaiacwood | Cajeta | Clary Sage.


- 6ml / 0.2 fl.oz
- roller ball applicator 

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