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maude Cone

maude Cone

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Maude Cone Stimulating Plug:

Elevate Your Intimate Wellness Experience

The Maude Cone Stimulating Plug isn't just a product; it's a discreet, thoughtful accessory for enhancing your intimate wellness. This plug draws inspiration from the elegance of natural shapes, offering a truly unique experience.

Comfort First: The Cone's gently tapering design and flared base ensure easy application. Soft overall body guarantee comfort, even in the most sensitive situations. Plus, it's hypoallergenic and waterproof for hassle-free cleaning.

Whether you're new to intimate accessories or a seasoned user, the Maude Cone Stimulating Plug is designed to provide a delightful, safe experience.

Why this

For both gender

  • Pleasurable Sensations: Both men and women can enjoy the unique sensations and heightened pleasure that butt plugs offer.
  • Intimacy and Connection: Exploring and incorporating new sexual activities can foster intimacy and deepen the connection between partners.
  • Personal Empowerment: Using a butt plug can be a way for individuals to embrace and explore their desires, leading to increased self-confidence and self-expression.

For men

  • Prostate Stimulation: Butt plugs can provide direct stimulation to the prostate gland, leading to intense pleasure and potentially prostate-specific orgasms.
  • Enhanced Orgasms: The combination of prostate stimulation and the feeling of fullness can result in heightened and more intense orgasms.
  • Sexual Exploration: Butt plugs offer an opportunity for men to explore new erogenous zones and sensations, expanding their sexual repertoire.

For women

  • Anal Stimulation: Butt plugs can provide pleasurable stimulation to the highly sensitive nerve endings in and around the anus, adding a new dimension to sexual experiences.
  • Increased Arousal: The feeling of fullness and pressure created by a butt plug can enhance sexual arousal and intensify orgasms.
  • Sexual Variety: Incorporating a butt plug into sexual play can bring variety and novelty to intimate encounters, leading to enhanced excitement and satisfaction.

Crafted from 100% platinum-grade silicone, it boasts a soft-touch finish that enhances comfort while ensuring a premium experience. As an 'egg-straordinary' touch, the 'Cone' is phthalate- and latex-free, ensuring it's as kind to your body as it is to the environment. Plus, it's waterproof, further amplifying its versatility and convenience.

  • 1 1/2"(W) x 4 1/2"(H)
  • 0.5lb
  • water proof
  • Silicone
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