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Manual Hand Frother

Manual Hand Frother

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Easy to use, simple design, most importantly, unlike electronic frother, this little device can simply dumb into a dishwasher to be cleaned.  Stainless steel body makes it induction stove friendly.  Set it on low heat and wait till the milk hit the desired temperature, then give it several pump and voila, here you have some fluffy frothed milk.  

Tips on milk frothing: Milk needs room to foam up.  Leave enough room to allow the milk to froth up the level you desired.  Not enough room means potential spilling!

Here is a demo video of how to use a traditional Moka pot and frother to make a nice cup of cappuccino.


  • 7 1/2"(H) x 6"(L) x 4 1/4"(W)
  • 3 cups capacity
  • Double froth screen
  • Traditional and induction stovetop friendly
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