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Magical Power Incense Cones

Magical Power Incense Cones

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Incense has always been an important part of our spiritual practice.  Here, we bring you an innocence Japanese mythical twist.


  • sandalwood, fragrance and essential oil
  • made in Japan
Translation of each story
Dolphin Blue (the genie of the sea)
Scent: the smell of the seaside
Star Guardians: moon, Neptune and the dusk of Venus
Story of the image: a fresh morning of the sea, the sound of the wave is roaring
Story of the scent:The Dolphin is believed to be the genie of the sea.  They  brought the charisma of the ocean into the ocean breeze.


Great Spirits(back to nature)
Scent: a calming tree scent from a falling comet
Star Guardians: earth, sun, Saturn and Mercury
Story of the image: accept the energy from nature
Story of the scent: The ancient Indians were believed to be using smoke for cleansing.  Smoke has the power to wash away negative energy and unify the positive energy and our spirits
Coconut (the beautiful luck)
Scent: the scent of the southern island
Star Guardians: sun, Mercury and earth
Story of the image: a sweet dreamy night, the warmth gives me hope for tomorrow. ~the blessing of the sun~the rising energy~the beautiful luck~love of the goddess~the energy of life~
Story of the scent: A young woman rested under the shade of leaves after soothing her thirst with a fresh coconut.  In her dream, all the blessing gods gathered by the sweet scent of fruits, the happiness of the gathering animals is a sweet lullaby.  Ever since then, she gives gods beautiful lucky fruits for their blessings



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