Monday Read: A Guide for Those Dealing With 'Meh' In Life!

Monday Read: A Guide for Those Dealing With 'Meh' In Life!

Ever thought of treating every Monday like a mini New Year? But instead of grand resolutions and confetti cannons, we're talking about small tweaks to the everyday, mundane must-dos. What's your attainable, realistic goal for this week? A pinch of creativity, a dash of humor, and maybe a new perspective on that pile of paperwork? After a weekend of recharging (or just catching up on sleep), let's explore how to turn the 'meh' of daily life into something a little more sparkling—or at least more bearable. Grab your coffee; it's time to make the ordinary EGG-straordinary 💪🥚!


For Those Who Hate Your Job

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What's the Goal Here? 

This week, find smart ways to get the job done without losing your sanity. You're not just clocking in and out—you're trying to carve out more time for what really matters to you while still getting paid. It's all about doing what you must to pay the bills, but also finding room for joy and passion.
  • Use Productivity Techniques: Implement tools like the Pomodoro Technique to increase efficiency at work.

  • Gamify Your Work: Think of work tasks like levels in a video game. Completing them quickly (yet thoroughly) allows you to "level up."

  • Set Aside "Me Time": Ensure at least one hour of personal time daily for hobbies or relaxation.


For Those Who Just Had a Fight with Your Partner

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What's the Goal Here? 

This week, be the one who take the first step-back, then forward: Take a deep breath then break the ice. Fights happen, but they don't have to ruin your week. Send a text, make dinner, or simply say sorry. It's not about who's right or wrong, but about taking that step to show you care, If your question is why you, this week, try why not you. Because in a relationship, the small things often mean the most.
  • Cook a Special Meal Together: Turning the kitchen into a collaborative space can be therapeutic. Plan and propose to cook a meal together, allowing the shared experience to rebuild connection.

  • No Words, Just Feel: Instead of making things worse with words, draw a bath or plan a massage night for him/her. Get that intimacy back, then talk.


For Those Who Forget That You Do Have a Personal Life

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What's the Goal Here?
Get your freaking life back, as simple as that. Work can be everything, sure, if you're happy. But if you reach a point where you feel exhausted at work, it's time to take a timeout. Maybe there's a reason why you're burning out. Your hobbies, friends, family, they're all waiting for you. It's time to find a balance that makes you feel whole again.
  • Schedule and Commit to Personal Time: Even just one hour a day count, dedicate one hour for solely personal purpose.

  • Make a Want To Do List: Create a want to do list, a list that's on-going.


For Those Who Eat Frozen Meals or Eat Out for Lunch Every Day

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What's the Goal Here?
Commit to trying just one homemade meal this week. Pick something simple, or even semi-homemade. It's not about becoming a chef overnight; it's about discovering what is this all about. This could be the tasty beginning of a whole new you!
  • Meal Prep on Sundays: Cook lunches for the week, and start brainstorming it now.

  • Keep it 3-4 Ingredients at a Time: Cooking doesn't have to be complex. Keep the list of ingredients and your shopping list minimal.


For Those Who Didn't Rest Well Over the Weekend

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What's the Goal Here? 

Very obvious here, a good rest, in order to recharge, and thrive! Good sleep isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. A few simple changes can help you wake up feeling ready to take on the world.
  • An Alcohol-Free Evening: Sometimes, a glass of wine can hinder more than help. Give your body a break and opt for a calming herbal tea instead.

  • Relax One Hour In Bed Before Sleep: Whether it's reading a light novel or enjoying some soft music in bed, or doing gentle stretches in the bedroom, allow yourself some unwinding time in your bedtime environment to signal your body be ready to rest.


For Those Who Always Watch Travel Channels and Vlogs

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What's the Goal Here?

Easy, finally stop the excuse and just go! Local trips, new experiences—they're all waiting for you if you take the plunge.
  • Take a Road Trip: Nothing far, just simply pick a direction, N,E,S and W and drive without GPS. I guarantee you will be surprise how much you don't know about your surroundings.

  • Pack Your Bag and Head To The Airport: Just pack and go, grab any tickets that are available within your budget, and take off. With hotels and Airbnb so easy to book these days, there's nothing to worry about. Enjoy the adventure!


For Those Who Want to Drink Less

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    What's the Goal Here?
    Drinking less seems obvious. But even though it sounds simple, it's anything but easy. We often find ourselves drinking out of stress, boredom, simply appreciation or habit. So, cutting back on drinking isn't just about putting down the glass; it's a whole lifestyle shift. Let's explore together.
    • Designate Alcohol-Free Days: Commit to specific days with no alcohol, even only one day less is a start and learn how to push down the urge. 

    • Diagnose the reason of drinking: Identify why you drink; different reasons require unique approaches and alternatives to replace alcohol.


    For Those Who Want to Get in Shape


    What's the Goal Here?
    Finally get your ass moving! With gym membership or not, doesn't matter but let's get moving.

    • Work Out With a Show or Vlog: Choose a show or vlog that matches the length of your planned workout. Make a promise to yourself to complete the entire workout while watching, at least three times this week.

    • Low-Carb Alternatives: Cut back on carbs by substituting 50% of them with healthier options like quinoa or buckwheat noodles. This simple switch can help you reduce your overall carb intake without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction.

    Additional Tips:

    • Use Technology to Your Advantage: Set reminders, track progress, or even use specific apps tailored to your goals.

    • Find an Accountability Partner: Share your goals with a friend and check in with each other.

    • Evaluate Your Progress Regularly: Every Sunday, review what went well and what can be adjusted for the following week.
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