ECO Home Gym System

ECO Home Gym System

In the past, humans used to get their exercise through hunting, gathering, and engaging in various physical activities outdoors. However, in today's modern world, many people choose to work out indoors, often utilizing treadmills or other energy-intensive equipment. I refer to treadmills as malfunctioning human conveyor belts that go backwards...

The transition to indoor workouts brings about numerous environmental consequences. For instance, heavy weight systems contribute significantly to carbon emissions during their production and delivery processes. In contrast, treadmills require considerable energy consumption for operation. Moreover, the construction of indoor gyms often relies on materials with a substantial carbon footprint. We have become deeply embedded in this indoor workout culture. Even I despise working out personally. As an avid rock climber, I much prefer outdoor climbing anytime. However, considering our busy lifestyles, indoor exercising is undoubtedly more practical.

In order to minimize the damage this indoor workout culture is causing, we can at the least implement equipments that have a relatively lower carbon footprint, and here are some of our suggestions.

Here are what we are looking for: 

  • Compact = less plastic usage
  • Semi or fully Mechanical = low carbon footprint 

Assault fitness

From their website: “I love those damn things… the AssaultRunner. It’s amazing.” Joe Rogan

This brand first came to my attention was from Joe Rogan’s podcast, the fan-powered assault bike. It was widely praised of its brutally and effective full-body workout. They specializes in fitness equipment for military and law enforcement personnel. They are known for their high-quality, durable equipment that is designed to withstand heavy use. 

But most importantly the reason why this brand is considered part of the ECO workout system is because of the low or zero energy intake for the work-out. The equipments mainly is powered by mechanical energy, give you a guilt free, low carbon footprint training session.

 The Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 

Semi or fully mechanical powered


Effective full body training

Intense workout, not for everyone

Straight-forward to use



The Tonal workout system is a compact and versatile fitness solution that utilizes electromagnetic resistance and an AI coach. With its accurate weight imitation and elimination of weight clusters, Tonal provides a seamless and efficient workout experience. The system's AI coach offers real-time feedback and support, ensuring you achieve your fitness goals effectively while minimizing the risk of injury. Unlike traditional home gyms, Tonal provides valuable feedback, thanks to its censor system that evaluates your workout quality, maximizing results.

For city dwellers facing space constraints, owning a full range weight system can be a challenge. Additionally, the carbon footprint associated with transporting such equipment is significant. Tonal offers the perfect solution by addressing both issues. Its compact design allows for easy installation in any living space, while eliminating the need for transporting heavy weights. With Tonal, you can enjoy a comprehensive workout without compromising on space or contributing to excessive carbon emissions.

Pros Cons 
Compact and Space-Saving
One of the most expensive system
Versatile and Comprehensive Weight Workouts
Limited Cardiovascular Options
Adjustable Resistance and Intelligent Technology
Internet and Subscription Dependency (for AI coach and training materials)
Interactive and Engaging


Lit Strength Machine  

The concept of utilizing water weight for exercise instead of traditional weight systems is not new, but I am excited to discuss this particular system because of its ability to provide a comprehensive full-body workout. This system incorporates water resistance, offering an impact-free exercise experience that engages multiple muscle groups. Users can participate in a variety of HIIT, strength training, and core workouts, supported by well-produced and easy-to-follow classes. The convenience of not having to create our own workout routine is particularly important in today's fast-paced lifestyle. Once users become familiar with the machine, it becomes easy for them to design their own personalized routines.

Pros Cons 
Natural and dynamic water resistance
Space requirements
Versatile full-body workouts
Learning curve
Low-impact and joint-friendly


Stamina Full Motion Rower

This rowing machine is equipped with an adjustable hydraulic system, so it doesn't require water or weights for resistance. Its dual-handle design allows us to perform a wider range of full-body motions, stimulating our back muscles and giving us a balanced workout. The compact and minimal design makes it perfect for home gyms. Rowing is a low-impact and highly effective way to strengthen our cardiovascular system and use muscles we usually wouldn't in our everyday life. During winter, it's a challenge for me to activate my body for climbing wall. To me, rowing is an effective and efficient method of warming up before doing so. This system has a reasonable price point which makes it a great choice to get you started on your dream eco-friendly home gym.


Pros Cons 
Compact and Space-Saving
Need maintenance
Adjustable resistance
Limited Resistance Range
Full range body motion
Versatile Cardiovascular Workout


Resistance Bends

Including resistance bands in this blog is a topic of debate, but their eco-friendly advantages cannot be ignored. Unlike traditional weight equipment, resistance bands drastically reduce the carbon footprint associated with weight handling. They are lightweight, compact, and versatile, allowing for creative full-body workouts. The progressive resistance they offer makes them gentle on joints, promoting joint-friendly exercise routines. With numerous quality trainers endorsing resistance bands as their go-to workout gear, resources for training are plentiful. Not to mention, investing in a full set of resistance bands is extremely cost-effective. Considering these factors, resistance bands may outweigh other heavy-duty equipment and deserve a place in an eco-conscious workout system. Embrace the eco-friendly benefits of resistance bands and elevate your fitness routine sustainably.


Pros Cons 
Fully mechanical
Limited Maximum Resistance
Versatile for both cardio and strength
Short product life-span
Learning Curve
Portable Hard to track progress and results


ECO living may not be the simplest thing to do, but with thoughtful consideration and effort in finding the right tools, it becomes very doable and immensely satisfying. The idea of living a guilt-free lifestyle, knowing that our choices contribute positively to the environment, is a relief that alleviates a big chunk of stress. In a world where we must constantly perform and balance various aspects of life, embracing eco-conscious practices becomes not just an option, but a necessity. Constantly making the right decisions for the planet creates a subtle moral reward system that keeps us going. To perform well every day consistently, we need to generate our own motivation progressively and strategically. With an eco-friendly home gym system and sustainable lifestyle choices, we can not only enhance our physical well-being but also nurture our sense of purpose in contributing to a healthier planet. This, doesn't sound like a bad deal at all!

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