2 Min Read - Kind Asshole Vs Doormat

2 Min Read - Kind Asshole Vs Doormat

It's quite simple, I will always rather be that kind and polite asshole who actually has a life than a doormat. Being kind and maintaining boundaries can sometimes be difficult to balance, but it's crucial in the workplace to ensure respect and mutual understanding. Sometimes, we expect the worst, but remember, if you are reasonable, most people will understand and work with you. 

Here are 10 conversation scenarios to demonstrate how to be kind without being a pushover:

  1. Drowning in Tasks
    • Doormat: "Oh, another task? Okay... "
    • Kind Asshole: "Hey, I'm swamped today. Can we chat about how to fit this in?"

  2. That Uncool Critique
    • Doormat: (Looks down and nods)
    • Kind Asshole: "Ouch! That stung. Can we chat about specifics?"

  3. Last-Minute Meetings
    • Doormat: "Alright, changing plans again..."
    • Kind Asshole: "Oh man, I'm booked then. Got another slot?"

  4. Your Idea Gets Kidnapped
    • Doormat: (Stays quiet)
    • Kind Asshole: "Hey, glad you liked my idea! Mind if we share the credit?"

  5. Office Gossip Session
    • Doormat: (Listens and nods)
    • Kind Asshole: "Hmm, I'd rather not dive into that. So, about that project…"

  6. Ridiculous Deadlines
    • Doormat: "I'll...try?"
    • Kind Asshole: "Yikes, that's tight. Any wiggle room?"

  7. Random Tasks Coming Your Way
    • Doormat: (Sighs and adds it to the list)
    • Kind Asshole: "Isn't this more of [John/Jane]'s alley? Maybe we could tag-team?"

  8. Working Late...Again
    • Doormat: (Grabs another coffee)
    • Kind Asshole: "Looks like a late one. Is this gonna be the norm?"

  9. The Classic Misunderstanding
    • Doormat: "Sorry, my bad."
    • Kind Asshole: "Oops! Mixed signals there. How can we sync up better?"

  10. Needing Some Help
    • Doormat: "I'll...Google it?"
    • Kind Asshole: "Any chance I can get some training on this?"


In the dance between kindness and boundaries, finding your rhythm can make all the difference. Remember to trust in your worth, communicate with clarity, and always seek balance. Wishing you success and understanding in all your workplace interactions. Take care and stay empowered! 🌟

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