Quick Tips: Core Work-Out at the Desk Using Resistance Band

Quick Tips: Core Work-Out at the Desk Using Resistance Band



Disclaimer: I must admit that one aspect I dislike about resistance bands is their non-biodegradable materials. However, according to the We Are E.G.G. mojo, doing good makes us feel good. Setting that aside, resistance bands are truly fantastic, especially the mini ones!

Why I do this - lower back pain

Personally, I started doing these short workouts throughout my day because of my lower back pain caused by muscle imbalances in my flexors and core. With my busy schedule and my laziness, I need to make the most of my time. One trigger for me to grab the band is when my brain starts to zone out and just dead staring at the computer, feeling bored and grumpy. Another one is when my back begins to hurt… I stumbled upon this 30-minute video that showcases various mini-band exercises at the desk. But honestly, you can simply skim through it and find exercises that suit you. And no, I don’t do a 30-min workout at a time, more like 1-2 mins. It has been incredibly helpful for me—my back feels less painful, and my glutes and abs have become firmer. It's truly great!

Keep in mind

When engaging in these mini sessions, make every movement counts: 

  • tight core 
  • shoulder back and relax
  • straight back 
  • isolate muscle movements
  • proper breathing techniques

Even this small amount of concentration can slowly show results and provide a much-needed mental decompression.

Resistance Band

As for this type of resistance band, it feels like fabric, which means it won't tug at your skin. This allows you to use it comfortably, even when wearing shorts or skirts.

The video

This video isn't sexy or trendy looking at all. But this is the only one I found that I can really just sit at the desk and not getting down on the ground or wall.

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