My Picks for All the Photography Enthusiast Dads

My Picks for All the Photography Enthusiast Dads

As the head photographer for We Are E.G.G., I have a deep understanding of the common dilemmas photographers face when choosing gears. Friends and clients often seek my recommendations, assuming that higher prices equate to better quality. However, in today's world, price is not the sole indicator of the value of photography equipment. The right person can achieve professional results with the right tools, regardless of fancy degrees or high-end agency jobs. With Father's Day approaching, it's the perfect opportunity for us, the daughters and sons, to fulfill our fathers' wishes and nurture their creative spirit. I want to share some of my favorite gears recommendations with all of you, with the hope of helping you impress your fathers and ignite their passion for photography!

My picks!

Nomatic Mckinnon Sling $159.99

This is a simple, clever, and thoughtful accessory that combines high-quality materials with optimal functionality. Designed to keep you organized during weekend photography trips, this compact yet spacious bag can comfortably hold most mirrorless cameras and an extra lens. Its water-resistant design ensures your gear stays protected, while convenient features like single-hand access and a pivoting strap cater to photographers' needs. On top of all these, this camera bag look ultra sleek!


The Nomad Personalized Fine Leather & Canvas Camera Strap $64

I am obsessed with personalized items. As a professional photographer, customizing our photography AS MUCH AS possible is stupidly desirable. Despite spending thousands of dollars on gear, there isn't much room for us to add our own persona. Yet, in this creative world, we all crave it. That's why customizable items like camera straps are a no-brainer. I'm a huge fan of rustic and genuine craftsmanship, and this camera strap is simple and personable. I think your dad would enjoy it too.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VII Digital Camera Accessory


 The Sony Point and Shoot has become my go-to choice especially for photography, offering a compact and portable design without compromising on quality. Despite its smaller size, this camera rivals larger models and delivers exceptional image and video performance. From wide-angle shots to telephoto zoom, it covers a wide range of focal lengths, allowing me to capture various subjects with precision and clarity. What truly sets this camera apart is its impressive autofocus speed, ensuring that I never miss a moment. Whether I'm capturing fast-paced action or candid moments, the Sony Camera excels in delivering sharp, detailed, and stunning results. Your dad will definitely love this camera.

Insta360 ONE X


The Insta360 Camera has become one of my favorite toys, offering an exciting and immersive experience for capturing creative videos. As one of the latest trends, this action camera allows me to easily shoot 360-degree videos, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. From adventurous outdoor activities to special family moments, the Insta360 Camera delivers unforgettable footage that brings scenes to life. With its user-friendly interface and versatile shooting modes, it's simply a joyful and effortless experience to capture immersive and engaging videos. If you believe your father is the creative one, help him to unlock his creativity and add a touch of magic to his videos.

Macro Lens Edition for Iphone+ phone case (for attachment base) $99.99 + $29.99+

The Macro Lens for iPhone is a game-changer in the world of add-on accessories. Despite my initial skepticism, this lens surprises with its high-quality optics and seamless attachment. Its compact size allows for everyday carry, easily fitting into a pocket. From capturing intricate details of nature to documenting textures of everyday objects, it brings a sense of magic to iPhone photography. When I don't have a dedicated camera, this Macro Lens is a fun and practical solution that adds creativity and versatility to my iPhone shots. I promise your dad will enjoy this iPhone accessories a lot!


Fisheye Lens Edition for iPhone + phone case (for attachment base) 

$99.99 + $29.99+

The Fish-Eye iPhone Lens is the perfect Father's Day gift for dads who love to explore their quirky and creative side. This unique accessory offers a wide range of motion and content coverage, allowing dads to capture dynamic and immersive images with a playful twist. Whether he enjoys shooting landscapes or experimenting with unconventional perspectives, this lens will ignite his imagination and bring a new level of excitement to his photography. Give your dad the gift of inspiration and watch as he unleashes his creativity with the Fish-Eye iPhone Lens.

Fujifilm Instax Link Wide Printer


The Fuji Instant Printer has become an essential tool for me as a photographer, enabling me to instantly print and share the moments I capture, particularly when traveling and meeting new people. With this compact printer, I can establish tangible connections through the enchantment of instant prints. If your dad appreciates romance and sentimentality, he will undoubtedly value the unique experience and sentimental value that a tangible print brings in our digital age.

Brookstone PhotoShare Smart Digital Picture Frame


You know what sparked my desire for a digital photography display in my home? The Apple TV screen saver! I'm greedy when it comes to choosing which pictures to display because, let's face it, there's no such thing as "the one." I want to show them all off! Countless times, I catch myself standing by my digital photo frame, lost in the moments captured that I've already forgotten. It's like taking a nostalgic journey every time I walk by as the images randomly rotate, creating a whole new presentation. It's a constant source of joy and nostalgia that brings forgotten moments back to life.


To put it simply, let's discard the idea that expensive, high-end equipment or a fancy degree isnecessary to enjoy photography. I believe that everyone should take pictures in their own way. The equipment I suggest isuser-friendly and an absolute delight to use. I want you to help your dad to fulfill his photography dreams and ignite his creative passion. I recognize that the price of gear doesn't always determine its quality (even though it does sometime...and it sucks). It's about discoveringthe right tools that align with your vision and passion. I hope this helps some of you!

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