Complete Gentleman Guide

Complete Gentleman Guide

Like learning to handle a slick car. When you’re just out and about, relaxed in town, drive in whatever way feels right — no judgements. But, aiming to be the talk of a grand racetrack or to steal the show at a car gala? Well, mate, you've got to know the ins and outs of that ride. And once you've got the basics down, that’s when you add your personal touch. 

Picking the Right Ride for the Right Mood

Every gentleman knows life's not one-size-fits-all. It's not always about showing off; it's also about knowing what fits the moment. Yeah, your Maserati might scream luxury during a night downtown, but there are days where your trusty old sedan or even a rugged jeep hits the spot. It's a bit like us, really — sometimes we're the life of the party, sometimes we're the listener, and sometimes we're the adventurers. Have a range of 'rides' for life's many moods and moments, and take the time to get good at handling each.

Rolling with the Changes

Some things about driving, and life, stay the same. If there’s a tree ahead, it's not moving just because I’m the driver. But how we deal with obstacles, that changes with time. Today, we might swerve, tomorrow, with all this tech, maybe the car does some magic. The trick? Knowing what stays classic and what needs a fresh touch. Always be ready to mix a bit of the old with the new, and most importantly, do it all with your unique style.

What to do

1. Skincare Fundamentals
2. A Touch of Makeup
3. Nutrition for Radiance
4. Stand Tall and Walk Confident
5. Hair and Beard Care
6. Wardrobe Choices
7. Mental Well-being


1. Skincare Fundamentals

Here's the thing, gents: In today's world, there's a sea of sleek, high-performance cars out there, many sporting both the looks and the engine prowess, and often without breaking the bank. With so many options on the market, just having a great engine under the hood isn't enough. If your exterior is battered and overlooked, people might not even give you a chance, especially when there’s a line-up of polished competitors revving right beside you. To truly stand out and compete, you need to shine both inside and out. And maintaining that shine? With a little effort, it's simpler than you think. Don't just settle for being powerful; be undeniably magnetic. Because in this fast-paced race, first impressions can speed you ahead or leave you trailing behind.

Here are some basic steps:

Step 1Cleanse -  Car wash

Begin with a gentle cleanser to wipe away impurities without stripping your skin.

Step 2: Serum -  Performance boosters

A good serum, tailored to your skin's needs, can address specific concerns like fine lines or uneven skin tone.

Step 3: Moisturize -  Engine oil

Daily moisturizing keeps the skin hydrated. Consider one with SPF for daytime to protect against UV rays.

Step 4: Facial Oil -  Protective wax

Especially beneficial for those with dry and aging skin. A few drops can nourish and give a healthy glow. (Distribute the product on your fingertips and pat it onto your skin as the very last step, instead of pushing and dragging.)

Check-out our skincare gears for men


2. A Touch of Makeup

Imagine rolling up to a car show in a slick ride, but it's got a couple of scratches and dings. It's a bummer, right? Those tiny flaws distract folks from the true quality and horsepower of what's under the hood. It's the same with those little skin imperfections when you're about to nail a big presentation, meet someone special, or charm potential clients. You want them tuning into your ideas, not zoning out on a zit. Unless you're trying to convince me a scratched-up Maserati is still 'just fine. A quick touch-up is like a quick wax job before the show - it's about making sure people see the best version of you, while you work on the deeper stuff behind the scenes.

The tools:

  • Concealer: It's like touch-up paint for those small dings and scratches. You might not need it all over, but a little dab here and there can make a world of difference, keeping the attention on the car's sleek design rather than its minor flaws.

  • Highlighter: Consider this the equivalent of waxing and polishing. It adds that extra shine, accentuating the high points, making your car—or in this case, your face—stand out in the crowd, catching the light just right.

  • Powder: This is your anti-glare dashboard mat. No one wants stare at those distracting and blinding shine. Similarly, powder keeps the face looking matte and refined, especially handy if you're under those bright presentation lights or snapping a profile picture for your dating app.


    Lastly, how to wash make-up off:

    • The easiest method is to moisten cotton rounds with micellar water, pat them onto areas where makeup was applied, and then gently wipe it off. Finish by washing your face as usual.

    3. Nutrition for Radiance

    To perform at your best, you can't just rely on a last-minute high-quality oil change the night before a big race. Just as a car requires a balanced blend of fuel additives and consistent maintenance to perform optimally, mixing quality fruits and fresh proteins into your shakes provides that steady, premium fuel for your system. Maintain that balance, and you won't just be racing – you'll be leading the pack.
    • Fresh Fruit Smoothies: They offer hydration, essential vitamins, fibers, enzyme and antioxidants. Incorporate a mix of berries, leafy greens, and a protein base like almond milk or Greek yogurt.
    • For additional healthy proteins, oat meal and yogurt is a great choice.


    4. Stand Tall and Walk Confident

    Think of your posture as your car's alignment. You know how a smooth ride tells you a car's been well-maintained? Well, standing tall and straight does the same for you. It screams confidence, shows you care about yourself, and honestly, it's just better for your health. Standing tall is a way to show the world you've got your act together!

    How to Improve Your Posture and Confidence:

    • Stand Firm and Tall: For a robust frame, you need to stand upright. Shoulders rolled back, chest out, and head held high – this isn't just about looking confident, it's about feeling it too.
    • Seat with Authority: When parked in a chair, keep that back straight and those shoulders back. Relax but no slumping. Think of it as parking a luxury car – always in the best spot.
    • Train for Performance: Incorporate activities that strengthen your core: like yoga, Pilates, or tai chi.
    • Always on the Radar: Whether walking through a room or networking at an event, maintain steady eye contact, chin slightly upward, offer genuine smiles, and engage actively. 
    • Monitor Consistently: Just as a driver should always be aware of their surroundings and car's condition, always be conscious of your posture and demeanor. It's these consistent checks that culminate in impeccable presentation. Especially when you are still at  the polishing stage.

    Your walk

      Okay, I have to admit, he's loud. But he does make some valid points about details like chin up, shoulders back, eye contact, and other crucial aspects. I want to, however, emphasize that sometimes poor posture can result from, or caused by muscle imbalances. So, the following video will provide you some ideas on workouts that can help improve your posture.

      Your workout


      5. Hair and Beard Care


      How to Maintain Short Hair for Men

      • Get your hair cleaned up and trimmed every month or at most every month and a half. This will make maintenance much easier and quicker.
      • Tell your stylist about your styling routine, so they can give you a cut that works for you.
      • Use the right styling products for your hair type.
      • Avoid aerosol hairsprays, which are harmful to the environment.

      Here are some additional tips for maintaining short hair:

      • Wash your hair less often. Overwashing can strip your hair of its natural oils and make it dry and brittle.
      • Use a leave-in conditioner to help keep your hair hydrated and manageable.
      • Use a styling product that gives your hair the desired hold and texture.
      • Avoid blow-drying your hair on high heat, as this can damage it.
      • Get regular trims to remove split ends and keep your hair looking its best.


      If you have long hair and you've stumbled upon this blog hoping for a magic bullet, let's take a moment to get real. Long hair is a journey, not a destination. One article won't provide the deep insights needed to master its maintenance. From proper care, to blow-drying techniques, to styling nuances, it's a whole curriculum in itself. If you're not up for the long haul, it might be time to think about a fresh start with a new haircut. 



      Think of a beard like those shiny chrome finishes on cars. They’re a classic touch that never really goes out of style. But just like you wouldn’t slap chrome everywhere on a new ride, beards need some finesse to fit in today's look. It’s not just about letting it grow wild; it's about making sure it suits your face and style. Consider getting some tips from someone who really knows their stuff – kind of like getting a car custom-made. Because, hey, if you're gonna rock the beard, might as well do it right!

      Here are the steps involved in beard care:

      1. Wash your beard regularly with a mild shampoo and conditioner.
      2. Use beard oil or balm to keep your beard hydrated and manageable.
      3. Comb your beard regularly to prevent tangles and knots.
      4. Trim your beard regularly to maintain its shape.
      5. Visit a professional barber for a beard trim every 4-6 weeks.

      Here are some additional tips for beard care:

      • Avoid using harsh soaps or shampoos, as these can dry out your beard. Our rose-hip soap is gentle and nourish for facial use, which means, it also makes it excellent for your beard.
      • Use a boar bristle brush to brush your beard. Boar bristles are naturally soft and will help to distribute the natural oils in your beard.
      • Avoid using beard oil or balm in excess, as this can make your beard look greasy.
      • If you have a long beard, you may need to trim it more often to prevent it from becoming unkempt.

      Here are some additional benefits of using our beard oil:

      • Helps to soften and condition the beard.
      • Promotes beard growth.
      • Reduces itchiness and dandruff.
      • Protects the beard from the elements.
      • Gives the beard a healthy shine.

      This video offers an excellent walkthrough of the essential beard care knowledge. However, I recommend having a professional handle the initial trimming and shaping, at least for your first time. This will provide you with a guideline for subsequent trims, making them much easier and more effective.

      Check out our grooming products:


      6. Wardrobe Choices

      First off, let's be clear: if you're content with where you are and how you dress, that's perfectly okay. Which is why we prioritize wardrobe later; after all, it's what the engine can do that truly matters. But if you find yourself wanting more from your career, relationships, or personal growth, updating or elevating your wardrobe might just be the manageable first step you need for a fresh start.

      The following guideline is taking a much more muted approach in order to showcase who you are. Instead of reading why your shirt has to say, your friends are finally looking you at your eye and wanting to know more about you.

      How to Dress Like a Gentleman in Casual Wear

      The reason I emphasize casual wear is that, honestly, it's trickier. Put on a suit and tie, and even a 5-year-old can pass off as a mini gentleman. Plus, when shopping for formal and semi-formal attire, you'll usually find more assistance in stores. Casual outfits, especially tees and jeans, can be a bigger challenge to nail with flair. If you're aiming to infuse gentlemanly vibes into your casual wear, remember these tips: First, prioritize quality over quantity. Opt for well-crafted items that stand the test of time. Second, ensure a good fit. Clothes that are either too tight or too baggy can appear unkempt. Lastly, go for versatile pieces that you can easily mix and match for varied looks. Bottom line? Your outfit should be as muted as possible while still accentuating the best of you.

      Here are some specific pieces that you can include in your casual wardrobe:

      • A well-fitting button-up shirt in a classic color, such as white, blue, or light gray.
      • A pair of dark-wash jeans in a slim or straight fit.
      • A pair of chinos in a neutral color, such as khaki or olive.
      • A blazer in a classic style, such as navy or charcoal.
      • A pair of loafers or oxfords in leather.
      • A coat in a classic style, such as a peacoat or trench coat.

      In this article from MasterClass, Tan France provides insights on how to dress for your body type, specifically highlighting tapered bottoms to create an elongated visual illusion.

      When it comes to fashion, it's important to remember that it's only one aspect of who you are. What you wear can say a lot about you, but it's not the only thing that matters. If you're comfortable with yourself and your style, that confidence will shine through no matter what you wear.

      If you carry yourself with the poise of a refined gentleman while rocking a Powerpuff Girl tee on a casual day, you've just made that tee more manly than anyone ever imagined. Just ensure that when the time comes to show respect, you know what to wear and how to wear it.

      7. Mental Well-being

      To perform at your best, think of the mindset of a race car driver. Even at top speeds, they remain calm and collected. Just as they need a serene focus on the track, you need a composed mind in life. Meditation can help you achieve this, ensuring you react thoughtfully, not hastily. Remember, in the race of life, it's not always about speed but steering with precision.

      Interesting enough, I recently discover that the famous meditation app Head Space has some meditation video available on Netflix. Definitely go give it a try.

      • Mindfulness Practices: Meditation, deep breathing, or even regular introspection can help in grounding yourself, resulting in a more genuine self-presentation.

      And guess what, one of the very famous meditation apps, headspace has a collection of meditation assistance video, go check it out!


      This is it. There's a ton to unpack in this post. Honestly, I felt like passing out after writing it. For everyone, whether you identify as a man or a woman, being a gentleman or a lady isn't just about following a single formula. It's a complete reflection of who you are. Do your research, reflect, and then define the kind of gentleman you want to become. Enjoy the journey and cherish the results. Have fun!

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